Schools Beyond Regions and Borders

Learning by having fun

From the 8th to the 11th of May 2022, the students from “Prva gimnazija Sarajevo” in Bosnia and Herzegovina had the opportunity to travel to Italy thanks to the “Schools Beyond Regions and Borders”project. None of it could be possible without the coordinator Mr professor Giuseppe Zorzi and Mrs professor Daniela Ferrari. Students from different countries throughout Europe participated in this project. Bosnia and Herzegovina is the only non-EU country to participate in the project. This year, the students from Bosnia had the chance to meet their peers from Ireland as well as Italy. The objective of this project is to use a variety of different learning strategies and work together in various languages, as well as meet new people from all around Europe. Thanks to this project, I have had a chance to learn about multiple different nationalities, cultures and talk about topics from different points of view. All while having fun! I was introduced to a new way of learning, and while learning had a great time. We would all meet up in the mornings and start working on various essays and presentations together. At the end of the classes, everybody had to present their work in front of the others. This way, we were able to work on our public speaking and teamwork. We talked about the EU and our thoughts on how to improve this already amazing project. After a much fulfilled day of work, we had time to see Italy and get to know each other better. We went hiking in the breath-taking Dolomites, had game nights and ate dinner together every evening. Even though our time spent together was short, we were all able to make unforgettable connections and new friendships with great memories. The project was amazingly organized, and as a result succeeded in its objective, we all got along despite our different backgrounds, learned so much through the process and most importantly had an experience we will definitely never forget. The only con was that everybody would have loved to spend more than just a couple of days together. This project was an incredible experience for all of us involved and I can proudly say that we are all looking forward to having many more opportunities to participate.

Yasmine Estela Grado, Prva gimnazija Sarajevo