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Memories and hopes

“Must it ever be thus, – that the source of our happiness must also be the fountain of misery?”
The moment I sat in the bus in Trento, when it was time to go back home, I felt Goethe’s words plunging into my heart, spreading through my mind leaving me in my own feelings that I couldn’t discern. This trip, Italy, all people I met there were that source of happiness for me. But why were they my greatest misery? When I ask myself this question, I can’t not remember tears of my friend when parting was inevitable, muffled goodbyes and words of hope to come back again. They left me in pain in form of memories and hopes to go there again.

Quel viaggio mi ha portato esperienze, felicità, amicizie. È uno dei viaggi più importanti della mia vita e non lo dimenticherò mai. Vorrei ringraziare Daniela e Giuseppe che l’hanno reso possibile.

Dželila Podgorica, Prva gimnazija Sarajevo