Schools Beyond Regions and Borders

Too good to be true!

When we were approached in September to work on a project that could potentially have a live-final ceremony in Italy, the interest of many piqued. Working on this lovely project for 5+ months has brought up something really special to all of us. For me, a newfound feeling of a strong connection to people that I had never even met found its course into my daily life. Writing, watching and discussing different topics that were important to us led to an unbelievable journey that in times like this seemed almost unachievable, surreal – too good to be true. I believe that the best segment apart from the monuments, food and sights that we have seen were the people that we met along the way. The lovely girls from Dublin, the high-spirited students from Milan and our wonderful hosts from Val di Fassa! I hope that this is just the end of the beginning, and that all of these wonderful moments will stay engraved in us forever.

Lejla Brkanić, Prva gimnazija Sarajevo