Schools Beyond Regions and Borders

Coming “beyond the border” was incredible!

by Ella and Lorena, Kufstein

It was awesome. That was our response to the tons of questions our classmates were asking. In our school all the students had the chance to write a few short motivation sentences to our teacher. We were asked to write why we wanted to be a part of this nice opportunity. It is still amazing that we were the chosen ones, but Miss Maria told us that it was because, apart from writing the things we are good at, we wrote the things we want to take home from this trip. Meeting new people, learn or better inform us about the project and gain experiences were the three main points on our check list. We managed to complete all these points in just three days’ time. We can’t remember the last time we were that productive! The “new people” turned into friends and thanks to technology we are still in touch (Trentolinoooo), which is great. The project, which first looked like a relaxing three-day trip to Italy, turned in to the great experience of working together on relevant questions and an incredible opportunity to listen to experts talking about their thoughts on the future of Europe. One of the best things was to listen to the projects of the other students. Everyone was so thrilled to present their well-prepared work. This was our first year of attendance so we were glad to give a short presentation of our school, which turned out quite nice, we think.

We decided to use this little space to again thank all the people who are involved in this project. Thanks to Beppe for creating this great idea and thanks to Daniela for organising these three days. Thanks for this nice hotel and of course the amazing food. Thanks for the new friendships we made and the experience which we were able to gain. Coming “beyond the border” was incredible! Except for the weather that was as bad as at home, but after every storm there comes the sun! So maybe we get the sun next time we all meet again! Till then, we wish all of us a nice time preparing the topics for the next meeting and have a nice summer.