Schools Beyond Regions and Borders

An unforgettable experience

by Adna Mujić, Sarajevo

We think the project was amazing! It felt new and different going “beyond borders”, but it was never something negative. The chance to meet new people, new friends, and get introduced to different cultures and opinions was something we were excited about and we weren’t left disappointed. Listening to professors talk about the future of Europe and hearing the questions and opinions of others was a unique experience that no amount of preparation would’ve had us ready for, we think that was the most interesting part of the whole project (besides meeting new friends and hanging out after the projects).

We honestly couldn’t wait to tell our friends about the wonderful experience and what we’ve learnt there. Thank you to Beppe and Daniela for organising this and making it an unforgettable experience. We hope to have more fun in the following projects and to hear about more interesting topics you have planned.

We wish you all a wonderful summer holiday from Bosnia!