Schools Beyond Regions and Borders

Maristas for European integration

by Julia Porras, Irene Guzón, Pablo Sansegundo y Guzmán Pérez

From February to May 2023 a group of students from the first year of Bachillerato had the opportunity to participate in the activities of the civic education project “Schools Beyond Regions and Borders”. The project, supported by  Italian region of Trentino Alto-Adige/Südtirol, has allowed us to join different video-conference talks in collaboration with other schools from several European countries. The cycle of meetings entitled “Key milestones of European and world history after 1989” gave us the opportunity to discuss the importance of Europe as the foundation of integration and democratic freedoms, fostering the development of civic and citizenship skills among the participants.

Together with our teachers (Matteo Tomasoni, Javier Velasco and Mani Gonzalez) we have focused on the issues of European integration, officially presenting our work at the project General Assembly in Trento (Italy) that took place between 8-10 May. During those days we had the opportunity to not only meet the other delegations, but also to engage in interesting debates, talks and moments of fun that we will never forget. The celebration of Europe Day held at the Campana dei Caduti in Rovereto, a symbol of European unity and brotherhood, was undoubtedly very moving. We did not miss the visits to the local museums, valleys and lakes of that beautiful region, as well as the gastronomy that we enjoyed very much.

We would like to thank all the people responsible for the project for giving us this opportunity and, above all, our school for making this unforgettable experience possible.