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Plenary meeting 2023

Unforgettable Moments from the SBRB Plenary Meeting in Italy – May 2023

The picturesque landscapes of Trento, Rovereto, and Riva del Garda, played host to an extraordinary event in May 2023: the SBRB Plenary Meeting. It was a gathering like no other, where passionate minds converged to discuss and shape the future of education and European citizenship. And now, we’re thrilled to present you with a glimpse of the highlights from this event.

The SBRB Plenary Meeting brought together students, teachers, and academics from all around Europe, who had the chance to work together, and strengthen not only professional, but also human connections. The 2023 Plenary Meeting programme included inspiring speeches, interactive workshops, meaningful debates, cultural exchange, and above all new friendships across borders.

The post-event video captures not only the intellectual fervor of the meeting but also the enchanting beauty of Trentino. From the tranquil streets of Trento to the historic wonders of Rovereto and the breathtaking views of Riva del Garda, this meeting was a delightful fusion of academic enrichment and cultural exploration.

Whether you were part of this event or simply curious about the insights and connections it fostered, this post-event video is a must-watch. Experience the energy, the ideas, and the scenic beauty that defined the SBRB Plenary Meeting in Italy.

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