Schools Beyond Regions and Borders

SBRB and ARENAS against extremist narratives

Schools Beyond Regions and Borders Joins Arenas Project to Counter Extremist Narratives

Extremist narratives and hate speech pose a significant threat to the fabric of our society. They can sow division, incite violence, and undermine the values of tolerance and inclusivity that are the bedrock of democratic societies. It is crucial to address this challenge at its roots, and for this reason, Schools Beyond Regions and Borders (SBRB) is teaming up with the ARENAS (Analysis of and Responses to Extremist Narratives) project as a Working Partner. This strengthened partnership aims to leverage the extensive network of European schools provided by SBRB to facilitate the testing of ARENAS educational materials, which are specifically designed to counter extremist narratives and empower students to resist such harmful discourse.

The process unfolds through several stages, including the following:

Task 4.4: Design of Practical Instruments and Guidelines

It focuses on designing practical instruments and guidelines to create and operationalize tools for mitigating the distribution of extremist narratives in Europe.

Task 5.3: Experimentation Phase – Extremist Narratives Awareness Among Young Audiences

It involves all project participants and concentrates on raising awareness of extremist narratives among young people, trying to engage students to assess their understanding of hate speech and extremist content.

Task 5.4: Creation and Development of the Didactic Platform ‘Exchange and Engage Online’

It engages all project partners and aims at creating an interactive online platform called ‘Exchange and Engage Online’ to share resources and strategies to counter extremism.

Task 5.5: Definition of Recommendation and Remediation Proposals to Counter Extremist Narratives

It involves all project participants and focuses on compiling best practices and strategies to counter extremist narratives and promote tolerance.

Through this partnership we seek to create a more inclusive and tolerant society, making schools strongholds against extremist narratives. Only by joining forces can we leave an enduring mark, fostering a generation ready to confront hate speech and promote the values of harmony and inclusion.

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