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Expanding horizons

Expanding Horizons: SBRB collaborates with the American University of Rome

Exciting times lie ahead for Schools Beyond Regions and Borders as we proudly announce our collaboration with the esteemed American University of Rome for the upcoming seminar cycle and beyond.

The American University of Rome plays a central role in bringing our shared vision to life. This newfound partnership, including with their Centre for Food Studies, signifies a substantial advancement in our journey. AUR is fully dedicated to actively participating in our activities, including online seminars, the highly anticipated plenary event, and upcoming projects, showcasing genuine enthusiasm for fostering a long-term alliance and creating a network of high schools and universities. The contribution of some professors from the MA in Food Studies and their students in the new seminar series “Our Food, Our Health, Our Planet” is just the beginning of a fruitful collaboration that will shape the landscape of education and research for years to come.

It also represents a significant opportunity to further expand and internationalize our educational platform, fostering an enriching environment for high-level and multidisciplinary learning. We’re enthusiastic about the diverse exchange of ideas and knowledge that this collaboration will facilitate, offering our students valuable opportunities to engage with different perspectives. This cross-cultural dialogue will not only enhance their academic experience but also foster a more nuanced understanding of our interconnected world. As we dive into this first project together, we are excited about the lasting impact it will have on our students, helping them become globally conscious individuals with critical thinking skills and a broader worldview.

Stay tuned for more information on this and other exciting projects! Together, we will continue to push boundaries and broaden the horizons of education.