Schools Beyond Regions and Borders

From teachers for teachers

A grassroots initiative to build an internationally-minded teaching and learning community for active and responsible European citizenship.

The project ‘Schools beyond regions and borders’ is a bottom-up initiative initiated by Giuseppe Zorzi, a forward-thinking Italian teacher, who pooled together a team of motivated colleagues from neighbouring regions and countries to collaborate in the dynamic field of civic education. It is offered as a space for trans-national and trans-disciplinary collaboration, where interaction and mutual understanding among European high school teachers and students are promoted through the exchange of ideas, knowledge, best practices, and multilingual classroom resources on active European citizenship.

The teaching and learning materials available on this website are the result of online seminars by university teachers and class work carried out by students under the supervision of their contact teachers, and can be adapted to other teaching and learning environments. This content is offered freely for educators, students and other users for classroom use or research, provided that the original author and source are credited.

Classroom resources
European Union
The History of the EU
The Institutions and Policies of the EU
The Challenges and Perspectives of the EU
States, Diversity and Minorities
Europe, Diversity and Minorities
Struggles for independence and/or autonomy
Five different case studies in European history, from the 19th century to the present day
One Hundred Years in Sarajevo
A Europe of the Regions?
„Z’erst mießt’s d’ Herrn erschlag’n, nachher seid’ ös Herrn.“ Zur Tiroler Erhebung von 1809
Catalonia: from Autonomy to Independence? A Historical Perspective
Autonomy and its Many Faces: the Irish Case since 1898
The Challenges of the 2030 AGENDA
The Politics of Climate Change from the Global to the Local
Gender Equality: an Urgent and Shared Challenge
Human Rights and Solidarity in Europe Today - Guest Lecture
Democracy and Constitutions
The Transition to Democracy in Spain. Old Interpretations, New Debates
Between Silence, Oblivion and Recovery: Historical Memory and Troubled Pasts in Spain and Europe
Citizens Participating in Constitutional Decisions: Participatory Democracy and Citizens' Assemblies
In Praise of Democracy
Crucial milestones of European and world history starting from 1989
The Legacies of the Revolutions 1989-1991
Close Encounters of the Secondary School: How Can We Contribute to Intercultural Dialogue With Islam?
The Evolution of the International System - From Globalization to the New Competitive Model Among Big Powers
The Global Financial Crisis and its Consequences
Empowering young people against hate speech
From lies to post-truth. How have extremist narratives changed over the last century? A historical perspective
The spread of extremist narratives in recent scientific, political, and social discourses online: how to identify and respond to them?
Ethics and everyday democracy
Mediating and remediating hate speech. How can we (re)write positive stories to help people live together better?