Schools Beyond Regions and Borders

How the project works

The project involves academics as well as high school teachers (the so-called ‘contact teachers’) and students in joint activities at both academic and classroom level.

On an academic level, each semester a different umbrella topic is identified, which as a rule is divided into five themes. These are the object of five online seminars delivered in plain English by academics who are experts in the field. For instance, the umbrella topic in the spring semester of 2021 was the ‘European Union’. Within this topic, five different lectures were held, each focusing on a different theme, i.e. the history of the EU, the institutions of the EU, the challenges and perspectives of the EU, and the issue of minorities at both State and European level.

At classroom level, the students and their contact teachers attend the online seminars and choose one of the five themes for more in-depth, autonomous learning in class. The time devoted to this hands-on class work may vary between three to five or more periods, depending on the school curriculum. Multilingual interaction and collaborative work among students from different schools through purposeful use of digital technologies is encouraged. During this stage, under the supervision of their contact teachers, students produce a number of learning resources that are later shared on the project website for future use by other schools.