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A Europe of the Regions?
Prof. Jens Woelk


Starting from the question “A Europe of the Regions?”, this seminar examines the question of whether Europe can be considered a collection of regions rather than just nation-States. By analyzing the connection between European integration and territorial identity, we aim to understand the interplay between the continental dimension of Europe and the sense of belonging to a specific region.


In this lecture we will delve into the definition of a region, the relations between regions and nation-States, and the role regions play in Europe today. Using some examples, we will highlight the diversity in size, population, and governance structures across European regions and discuss various criteria for defining a region, including geographical, historical, economic, statistical, and political factors. Additionally, we will explore different models of State-regions relations, such as federalism, regionalism, decentralization, and devolution. Finally, we will address the complex role of regions in Europe, considering the absence of a uniform regional model and the significance of nation-States in shaping European integration.