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Struggles for independence and/or autonomy
Catalonia: from Autonomy to Independence? A Historical Perspective
Prof. Steven Forti

Why has a strong secessionist movement developed in Catalonia over the last decade that has been on the verge of achieving the region’s independence from Spain? How was it possible that the traditional autonomist claim of Catalanism almost suddenly turned into a claim to create a new independent State, putting the integrity of a Member State of the European Union at risk?


This conference will offer the tools to understand what has happened in Catalonia since 2006, without losing sight of a historical perspective that allows us to grasp the long waves in Catalan and Spanish politics and society. Finally, in addition to recalling the key moments of this phase, marked above all by the October 2017 referendum, it will be shown what has happened since then and what the consequences have been on Catalan society.