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Close Encounters of the Secondary School: How Can We Contribute to Intercultural Dialogue With Islam?
Prof. Pablo López Chaves


Can we talk of a fruitful dialogue between Islam and the West after 9/11 and its subsequent episodes? Does it even help to refer to such dramatic events as the most common standpoint when we frame this topic? Moreover, should we think in terms of ‘Islam’ and ‘the West’ to approach our current challenges in a constructive manner? How could secondary schools contribute to the development of citizenship on this ground?


The evolution of cultural and religious diversity stands as one of the key features of European societies today. Within that complex framework, the ever-growing presence and visibility of Muslim communities arises both challenges and possibilities to re-think who we really are and how we could live together in the Europe of tomorrow.


In this brief seminar, we will critically revise some of the clichés that hinder this kind of dialogue, also exposing some interesting experiences that have been undertaken by different schools to build an effective framework for plural coexistence.