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Prof. Michele Nicoletti - Dr. Benedetta Carlotti - Prof. Andreas Oberprantacher


Is Euroscepticism really “bad” for the European democracy/ies?


This contribution will overview the development of the phenomenon of Euroscepticism in a cross-country perspective. Opposition to the EU has become a widespread phenomenon both among political parties and the public at large. If it is true that some forms of criticism to the EU aim at destroying the integration project, are all forms of opposition the same? Can they represent a positive sign of the evolution of a democratic debate around Europe?

Dr Benedetta Carlotti, University of Bozen-Bolzano


Democracy Across Borders


Democratic institutions and processes are – at least in parts – conflicting with national borders and conceptions of membership that exclude many from political participation. In my paper I will  explore why it is important to re-think democracy across borders.

Prof. Andreas Oberprantacher