Schools Beyond Regions and Borders
Struggles for independence and/or autonomy
One Hundred Years in Sarajevo
Prof. Jens Woelk


The Balkan Peninsula, located in South-Eastern Europe, has long drawn international attention due to its unique geographical composition, complex dynamics, and enduring socio-political complexities.


This lecture analyses these aspects in order to understand how they shaped the Balkans’ history. The region’s diverse population and religious affiliations are also examined, along with the linguistic variations that emerged after the dissolution of former Yugoslavia. The lecture then delves into Bosnia and Herzegovina’s political organization, highlighting the functioning of the federal system and its subnational entities. Furthermore, it discusses the Balkans’ historical context, including the influence of various Empires and the frequent changes of borders. It also discusses the dissolution of former Yugoslavia, the ensuing conflicts, and the concept of ethnic cleansing. Furthermore, it addresses the need for an official institutional elaboration of the past. Finally, the lecture examines the contemporary challenges that the Balkan region faces, emphasizing the importance of regional cooperation and European integration.



Students' outputs

Loreto Abbey Dalkey (Dublin, Ireland)
Loreto Abbey Dalkey (Dublin, Ireland)
Loreto Abbey Dalkey (Dublin, Ireland)