Schools Beyond Regions and Borders
European Union
States, Diversity and Minorities
prof. Jens Woelk


In today’s world, the quest for equality poses significant political, economic, and legal challenges. This lecture explores the dynamic concept of minority rights as well as the fundamental question of defining citizenship. The tension between diversity and equality is examined through historical milestones like the French Revolution and the EU Treaty of Lisbon. The lecture then analyzes nationhood, contrasting civic and ethnic perspectives in defining a collective identity. It further investigates how States deal with diversity, whether through repressive nationalism, liberal indifference, promotional measures, or the multinational State model. Through the examination of global case studies, we gain insights into the intricate task of managing diversity while fostering social cohesion. Above all, the lecture underscores the paramount importance of upholding minority rights while striving for inclusive societies that embrace unity in diversity.





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