Schools Beyond Regions and Borders

The Project

The project ‘Schools beyond regions and borders – Active citizenship for tomorrow’s Europe (2021-2023)’ aims at developing conscious civic and citizenship competence among high school students to encourage them to become active change‑makers in their communities and wider society. It also aims at promoting among young people a sense of belonging to the wider European community, involving them in the building of a better, more inclusive and imaginative Europe of tomorrow.

The project stems from the collective effort of educators and students from different professional, cultural and linguistic backgrounds who have joined forces to develop high-quality and creative educational resources to help young people gain a better understanding on issues affecting them as European and world citizens, as well as a platform to share this content.
The added value of the project compared to other initiatives in the field of civic education is that it offers teachers and students concrete opportunities for meaningful multicultural encounters, interaction and participatory work in linguistically diverse settings, beyond the borders of local or national communities.
Following a pilot phase in 2019-2020, the project was renewed for a second cycle of implementation (2021-2023) during which a number of European high schools from a total of seven countries will be involved, namely Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Spain. In 2024 a new phase will be launched, when the fully-fledged project and its platform will be opened to other schools in the Italian region Trentino‑Alto Adige/Südtirol and possibly to high schools in Europe.


Quaderni di scuola
Quaderni di scuola
Quaderni di scuola

Participating Academics

Autonomous University of Barcelona
Prof. Steven Forti
Department of Modern and Contemporary History
CY Cergy Paris University
Prof. Julien Forti
Institute of Digital Humanities
Dublin City University
Dr. William Murphy
School of History and Geography
Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
Dr. Benedetta Carlotti
Faculty of Economics
Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität
Prof. Dr. Christoph Cornelißen
Faculty of Philosophy and History
UGR - University of Granada
Prof. Antonio Herrera González de Molina
Department of Contemporary History
Universidad Francisco de Vitoria
Prof. Pablo López Chaves
Departamento de Formación Humanística
University of Helsinki
Prof. Katalin Miklóssy - Jean Monnet Professor
Aleksanteri Institute
University of Innsbruck
Prof. Andreas Oberprantacher
Department of Philosophy
University of Innsbruck
Univ.-Prof. DDr. Martin P. Schennach MAS
Department of Legal History
University of Trento
Dr. Lisa Marchi
Department of Humanities
University of Trento
Prof. Louisa Parks
School of International Studies
University of Trento
Prof. Michele Nicoletti
Department of Humanities
University of Trento
Prof. Jens Woelk
Faculty of Law
University of Trento
Prof. Marco Brunazzo
Department of Sociology and Social Research
Université de Lorraine
Prof. Béatrice Fracchiolla
Centre de Recherches sur les Médiations

Other institutions

Dr. Carlo Moser
Istituto Affari Internazionali
Dr. Riccardo Alcaro

Affiliated Schools

AGI – Akademisches Gymnasium Innsbruck
Cité Scolaire Internationale Honoré-de-Balzac
Colegio Marista Castilla
International School Kufstein
Polo Economico 'Cesare Battisti’

Partners and Sponsors

The project is supported by: